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About us

About us

The Israeli Friends of Magen David Adom (MDA) is the sole authorized fund-raising organization within Israel, dedicated to provide financial support for the lifesaving efforts of MDA.
MDA is non-government agency, therefore depends heavily on donations, and requires constant support In order to continue safeguarding lives in routine and in times of emergency for the state of Israel. 

Magen David Adom is the the national rescue organization recognized by the Israeli law ever since the state was founded, and serves as the formal organization responsible for emergency pre – hospital medical care and blood services in the country . The organization handles hundreds of thousands of life saving cases every year, using cut edge technological devices, correspondence with the common protocols for cardiac treatment of the American Heart Association and provides treatment to any individual who needs it regardless of ethnicity, race, political or religious affiliation.
MDA belongs to the international Red Cross Movement and provides training and humanitarian aid to countries in need, all over the world.


Although known to few, MDA subsidies most of his stations, ambulances, mobile intensive care units and medical devices via generous donations of MDA Friends societies located in Israel and around the world

Our Vision

You don't get a second chance to save a life, and the only way to keep succeeding at life-saving is to constantly improve and strive towards excellence.

Increasing available resources, improving their distribution in the field, improving response times and being meticulous regarding the quality of medical care provided- all directly affect the safety of both patients and MDA volunteers and efficiency of organizational resources use.

Israeli Friends of MDA develop resources and raise funds needed for MDA's day-to-day operation; certifying and training rescue teams, acquiring advance medical life-saving equipment, raising public awareness to all MDA does and above all- saving lives.

Israeli Friends of MDA create projects, initiatives and collaborations with both private and business sectors under the guiding understanding that only if we make MDA strong, we may rely on it's help when we need it.


עמותת ידידי מד\


Gil Weiser
Gil Weiser
Orly Ariel
Orly Ariel

Board of Directors

Prof. Yehuda Skornick
Dr. Chaim Perluk
Hanna Pri-Zan
Zvi Stepak
Reuven Schluessel
Dan Ellman
Daniel Zimet
Esti Skornick
Raphael Priell

Audit Committee

Dan Levinson
Yekutiel Mansdorf
Accountant Firm
Zitnitski Weinstein & co.
Legal Firm
Gideon Fisher & co.
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