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Magen David Adom is training local medical response teams to provide basic medical care

In the shadow of the increased threats on the northern front, Magen David Adom is training local medical response teams to provide basic medical care, and the volunteer array in the organization has grown

Since the beginning of the Iron Swords War, Magen David Adom, Israel's National Rescue Organization has been on constant standby and prepared to deal with the security challenges facing the State of Israel. The volunteer array, which includes 33 thousand doctors, paramedics, EMTs, first aider providers, blood services staff, trainers and logistics personnel, has grown, and following the war, courses were held for about 2,000 new adult volunteers who have joined the organization.  In addition, Magen David Adom conducts emergency resilience training for medical teams that include doctors, nurses and EMTS.  The emergency medical teams are trained with the understanding that in the event of an emergency, there may be a need for a local medical team to respond until the arrival of, and together with, MDA resources.

In order to reduce the response times of the community medical teams, MDA is currently working on the deployment of hundreds of MDA immediate response vehicles throughout communities in Israel, which will be assigned to drivers and volunteers who will provide an initial response.

MDA's ambulance fleet, which includes 1,500 rescue vehicles, has grown, and has been augmented by hundreds of ambulances, mobile intensive care units and bullet proof vehicles donated by donors from across Israel and the world.

MDA's Blood Services constantly continue to collect and deliver blood units and components to the hospitals and the IDF.

MDA Director General Eli Bin: "Magen David Adom, Israel's National Rescue Organization, has been on high alert for six months now, both in the south of the country and in the north, in order to provide medical assistance to civilians and soldiers, thanks to the many volunteers who engage in life-saving missions.  In the last six months, we have also seen an increase in blood donors and I call on the public to continue to donate blood, especially in the lead-up to Passover."


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