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Restocking emergency storage

Terror acts, missile attacks, and multi-casualty events are unpredictable and unfortunately not rare in Israel.

MDA, the National Emergency Medical Services Organization, must be prepared for any scenario occurring in addition of all regular activities- heart attacks, car accidents, births, home accidents, transporting chronic patients and so forth... 

We must constantly re-stock emergency supplies storage. Support this project and help us ensure MDA's full preparedness at all times! 

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Nonstop terror events at Israel's south border and various threats on all fronts require constant re-stalking and refreshing of all emergency supplies at MDA.

MDA has developed a state of the art response mechanism to ensure first respondents will arrive on every emergency scene within minutes. With 6000 on call medics, doctors and paramedics and a high tech system to alert those nearest to the scene, those volunteers will arrive with their medical emergency kit, which they carry with them at all times.

1,000 ambulances and Mobile Intensive Care Units will arrive next to continue life-saving treatment. MDA constantly adds more vehicles and volunteers to provide these life-saving services anytime, anywhere.

All volunteers' kits require replenishing, as does the vehicles' supplies.

Support this project and help us ensure MDA's full preparedness at all times!  

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