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Giving back to MDA volunteers

MDA's volunteers work days and nights around the clock to answer hundreds of thousands calls throughout the year.

They are exposed to high pressure scenarios and are required to keep calm even in face of impossible scenes.

In order to allow them to keep performing for the benefit of us all, we ask to provide them with a voucher with which they can get a sandwich or coffee+pastry.

This proves to be a challenge in an organization housing around 30,000 volunteers.

We need them fresh!

Support this project and help us care for them so that they can care for us.

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About The Poject

MDA was established on June 7th, 1930, by volunteers, and have based most of its activity since on professional, hardworking volunteers.

Almost 30,000 men, women and youth are devoting their time to saving lives in Israel and abroad, and MDA sees their volunteerism as the cornerstone of the entire organization.

After a long day's work, or before a full day of school, our volunteers arrive to their shifts and are called for numerous events per shift- car accidents, home injuries, births; events follow one another and can be overwhelming.

One break for coffee or a sandwich during a stressful shift at MDA is refreshment our volunteers deserve.

That can be our hug, our way to show our appreciation for all they do.

Help us show them we care with a small donation of 18 NIS.


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