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Ambulance birth kits

MDA teams are called for unexpected deliveries all the time, and about 1700 time a year.

In order to successfully deliver the baby while keeping the mother safe, the teams require a sterile disposable birth kit. These kits help deliver the baby safely and keep him warm enough until the arrival to the hospital.

Support this project and help us ensure safe deliveries! 

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We all heard of women giving birth in ambulances. It might seem odd or rare, but we at MDA know it can happen to any woman. It actually happens about 5 times a day across Israel!

An ambulance delivery is no-one's goal, for obvious reasons and risks. However, MDA's paramedics are highly trained in assisting women birth babies.

Each paramedic receives professional training and also gains hands-on experience.

It is not ideal, but it does happen, and when it does, the teams need a special birth kit, which allows safe delivery for the baby and mother. 

Support this project and help us equip each ambulance with the special birth kit! 

One kit- 360 NIS

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