Subsidy a "Wish Ambulance" trip

A person's last wish holds a special power. It can serve as a source of comfort and peace of mind.

MDA's Wish Ambulance is a unique and special initation provided by Magen David Adom with the goal of fulfilling the wishes of individuals who face serious or terminal illnesses and are not independently mobile. Most patient's wishes are emotional and very personal such as attenlding a family event, or cultural activities, rejoining their community or visiting heritage, symbolic sites for the last time.
Every MDA's Wish Ambulance trip is coordinated in advance with the project team manager for the site the patient wishes to go to. The fulfillment of each wish is carefully planned in coordination with the patient's attending physician adapted to the patient's needs, and of course accompanied by properly qualified medical staff. The patient is then transported to his requested location in a dedicated ambulance, equipped with technologically advanced medical systems and adapted to the patient's individual needs. 
This service is granted free of charge, regardless of religion, race or nationality.
A wish come true is an important and significant triumph for the individual, and also provides aid and support to the family. The anticipation and preparation for the event is an opportunity to find a new sense of meaning and revitalize feelings of excitement and joy.

Help us subsidies a wish for those in need!

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