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Intensive Care Medi-Cycle Motorcycle

In emergency situations, every minute is crucial and seperates life from death. Therefor, MDA's main task is to shorten response times as much as possible and arrive asap to the scene.

In order to acheive this, MDA incorporated a medi-cycles unit to its rescue vehicles.This unit conssits of about 600 motorcycles, operated by medics and paramedics, may arrive within 1-4 minutes and are equiped to provide first aid care until the ambulace arrives.

The unit is highly effective in cities with heavy traffic, where motorcycles are faster to arrive. However, Intensive Care motorcycles are bigger and heavier, and include all intensive care devices expect a treatment bed.

Thus, the intensive Care motorcycles are deployed to vast inter-city areas, ridden by paramedics who can perform invasive life-saving actions with advanced equipment.

MDA Medi-Cycles are the future of emergency medicine – Donate and help us save lives!




Cost ₪165,000
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