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Activating MDA's Emergency Contingency Plan
Providing special Medic-Kits to 3,000 additional medics to treat people in isolation

The COVID-19 virus keeps spreading, and hundreds of thousands of Israelis are required to be quarantined at home. Thus, MDA must immediately expand its reach.
Community services do not provide home care for the quarantined persons, and hospitals are expected to be overpopulated to the point of refusing non-critical patients.
Thus, MDA is activating its Emergency Contingency Plan to add 3,000 medics and paramedics who will be equipped with a special Medic-Kit to treat quarantined patients at home at the cost of 13 million NIS!
Each medic/paramedic will be equipped with a special Medic-Kit consisting of a defibrillator, respirator, oxygen tanks and medicines. These Medic-Kits will allow the medics to take their personal cars/vehicles without waiting for an ambulance and quickly and efficiently treat quarantined persons equipped with the necessary protective wear.

Each Medic-Kit costs 4,700 NIS.

This is an emergency situation, and we must take responsibility for our own lives and prepare for the worst case scenario.
We urge you to take part in this national effort. This is a matter of life and death.

Your partnership is more important than ever before!
We thank you for your support.

Credit card donations:
Wire transfer to: Israeli Friends of MDA, BANK LEUMI, Hamaapilim 616, 9 Hashlosha St., Tel Aviv.
IBAN: IL40 0106 1600 0000 3756748

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