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French Ambassador Frédéric Journès visits MDA

French Ambassador in Israel, Frédéric Journès, visited the MDA National Operations Centre and lit candles in memory of the three MDA crews who were murdered while performing their duties on October 7.

France's Ambassador in Israel, Frédéric Journès, visited the MDA National Operations Centre today (Thursday) in Kiryat Ono, where MDA’s EMTs work answering calls that are received in the 101 emergency call centre. The EMTs give initial medical response, while simultaneously dispatching MDA medical teams to scenes as required. 

The ambassador received an overview from the Director General of MDA, Eli Bin, about the activities of the Magen David Adom teams during the war in all sectors for which they were required. In addition, the ambassador received a review of the activities of MDA's National Dispatch Center and the performance of the teams in the field, while under fire and risking their lives. During the visit, he witnessed an MDA ambulance from Kibbutz Kissufim that was vandalized and disabled by the terrorists in order to prevent medical treatment for the wounded. He then lit three memorial candles in memory of the three MDA staff members who were murdered - MDA paramedic Amit Man and senior MDA EMTs and ambulance drivers Aharon Chaimov and Aviya Hatzroni.

France's Ambassador in Israel, Frédéric JOURNES: “It was very important for us to be here in Magen David Adom today and it was very impressive to visit here. On October 7th you saved so many lives. Some of your team members paid with their lives. France is wholeheartedly with you."

MDA Director General Eli Bin: “MDA’s teams operated since the first day of war with bravery and determination, under fire and while risking their lives to give medical attention to any person who needed it. The acts of bravery presented here today showcases the bravery of MDA’s teams, who act first and foremost in an attempt to save lives.”


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