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Oriel had a heart attack while driving his truck, and was saved thanks to a defibrillator

Last November, Oriel Reuvens (60), assistant truck-driver, collapsed at the entrance of kibbutz Givat Haim during a routine drive. The truck driver accompanying him immediately pulled over, stopped the truck and called 101, the MDA emergency call center,The MDA dispatcher on call gave CPR instructions to the driver while dispatching an ambulance and MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) to the scene.

Orly Keynan, MDA paramedic and her son, Roy Gimpovich, a volunteer from MDA youth, arrived with the ambulance within minutes.They began CPR and then, using a defibrillator, administered an electric shock to Oriel's heart. After Oriel's heart resumed beating, he was taken to the Hillel Yaffe hospital in Hedera by the MICU.
A couple of weeks ago, Orly Keynan, MDA paramedic, and her son Roy visited Oriel and his family, at Achitov.
Orly and Roy shared:

"The driver stopped the truck in the middle of the road and immediately began performing CPR , following the instructions given to him by the MDA dispatcher at MDA 101 emergency call center. We arrived at the scene within minutes and administered an electric shock to Oriel's heart using the defibrillator, which helped restart Oriel's heartbeat.

Events like this, when we arrive at the scene within minutes and enable us to save lives using a defibrillator, give us the strength to keep going and constantly keep saving lives."

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